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Episode 22 - The Tragic Tale of Burpy the Dwarf (Disney Week)

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Tom's notes: Pinocchio

Disney Film; 1940

· Second animated feature film after Snow White and the Seven Dwarves; 1937 (Brothers Grimm)

o Dwarves first given names in 1912 for a Broadway musical

§ Blick, Flick, Glick. Snick, Plick, Whick and Quee

o The dwarfs names were chosen from a pool of about fifty potentials:

§ Silly Sappy Scrappy Snappy Snoopy Goopy Gloomy Gaspy Gabby Blabby Flabby Crabby Cranky Lazy Dizzy Dippy Dumpy Dirty Deafy Daffy Doleful Woeful Wistful Soulful Helpful Awful Graceful Tearful Tubby Weepy Wheezy Sneezy-Wheezy Sniffy Puffy Stuffy Strutty Shorty Shifty Thrifty Nifty Neurtsy Hotsy Hungry Hickey Hoppy Jumpy Jaunty Chesty Busy Burpy Baldy Biggy-Wiggy Biggo-Ego

· Won 2 Academy Awards for it’s music

· Originally a box office disaster but made money when reissued in 1945

o Europe and Asia had other things to worry about!

· Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night; 1987

o Produced by Filmnation

o Massive failure

o James Earl Jones provided the voice of the Emperor of the Night

§ First ever film? Dr Stangelove

§ Two of his most famous voice roles? Darth Vadar and Mufasa

§ Lots of big films in the 80s and 90s

o Disney sued but were unsuccessful because Pinocchio was in the public domain…

The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi; 1883

o Originally published as a serial in a long-running Italian magazine for children in 1881

o It was stopped after 15 chapters but due to popular demand was restarted and an additional 21 chapters were written.

o The serial was published as a book in 1883

o Carlo Collodi

o Originally a political satirist/journalist

o He wrote Pinocchio as an allegorical story filled with moral messages; particularly for little boys

o Apparently it is the world’s most translated, non-religious book!

o Prior to Disney, it was made into a number of films

o 1911 there was a ground-breaking 45 minute silent film made by Italian film maker Giulio Antamoro

o Very weird and can be watched online

o 1932 a Japanese movie was made

o Also in the 1930s, an Italian studio attempted to make the story into a full length cell-animated feature film; the first before Snow White. However, it wasn’t completed and much of it is now lost

o I won’t go into detail regarding the story. I did listen to the original 15 chapters but didn’t have time to listen to all 4:30!

o A fun children’s book

§ Some good gags; Master Cherry the Carpenter asks Mr Geppetto ‘What bought you here’, to which he replies, ‘my legs’

o There is a talking cricket, but Pinocchio kills him by throwing a hammer at him. The cricket comes back to haunt Pinocchio and give him some good advice.

o The horrible Stromboli in the famous film is based on a character called ‘The Fire-Eater’ or Mangiafuoco

o The original book ends with Pinocchio being hung in a tree by a mischievous cat and fox; the two animals get fed up of watching Pinocchio struggling to breath that they leave him before he’s dead

o There are lots of other very colourful adventures involving talking animals and fairies

o The whole book is basically a fun children’s book with an underlying message that foolish children will come to no good and should listen to their elders

The Adventures of Buratino by Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy; 1936

o Not to be mixed up with Leo Tolstoy of door stop/War and Peace fame

o Or Count Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy; poet, novelist and playwright

o Tolstoy actually an old Russian noble family

o Based on Collodi’s Pinocchio

o Made into 4 films/programs since 1930s

o 1993 it was the basis on a video game that was the first graphic adventure computer game released after the fall of the Soviet Union.

o Mangiafuoco is called Karabas Barabas

o TOS-1; a Soviet multiple rocket launcher (24 barrels) on a tank’s chassis

§ First used in the Soviet-Afghan War

§ Nicknamed ‘Buratino’

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